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SAMWAAD is a latest and seamless mobile application which reduces the communication gap between district government and citizens. SAMWAAD is a user-friendly mobile application which helps both government and the general public to interact with each other. SAMWAAD helps citizens to understand every schemes and step initiated by the government. This mobile application will help in building transparency between government and citizens. SAMWAAD aims at providing fast and easy access to public services to citizens through mobile devices. Mobile services are quickly emerging as the new frontier in transforming government and making it even more accessible and citizen-centric by extending the benefits of remote delivery of government services and information. Delivering timely and accurate information to citizens and an established system of two-way communication between the government and people is one of the keys to strengthening democracy by facilitating enhanced utilisation of public services, participation and empowerment of citizens. The use of mobile technologies has been prominent in government departments especially in agriculture, health care, financial services, retail trading, utilities, communications, manufacturing, transportation and services. Businesses too have woken to the popularity of mobile phones and are introducing services, especially in the Banking sector. Mobile banking is the future because of its cost-effectiveness and ability to reach out to customers in remote areas.

  • General information for citizens (e.g. weather, tourism, recreation, health, public safety, contact information, services, regulations)
  • Specific information (e.g. exchange rates, market rates, exam results, events and programmes, news, road closures, holiday schedules, public hearing/meeting schedules, service or fee changes)
  • Emergency alerts (e.g. severe weather, terrorism, fires, accidents, health risks)
  • Health and safety education (prevention and preparedness)
  • educational programmes
  • Notifications (e.g. library book deadlines, security notifications, social media posts, RSS feeds for news and updates).

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